This is how Chasing Daylight records

Each song take is a project, comprising a collection of instrument tracks, each instrument take stored in a stem file with a start time and format common to all other instrument stem files from that take. In production, required stem files are selected for mixdown. Each song take can be added to by way of adding instrument stem files to the project library, and all instrument files are available for mixdown and use in whatever production purpose.

Each song take has a project directory named [songyymmddmm] eg Reckless1408121334

Each stem file is a single instrument file with the following format:

File format WAV PCM 1 or 2 channel
File name [Inst][yymmddhhmm].wav
eg kick0608141316.wav
SMPTE offset 00:00:00:00 (start time of recording)
Sample rate 48kHz
Resolution 24 bits
Latency sample aligned

Stem file recording standards

Single instrument per file
Level abs max peak < -6dB S/N better than 95dB FS EQ flat Compression none Gate none Effects none NR none Phase +ve Drum recording has at minimum the following simultaneous recorded ungated stem files:

Tom (1 per head) or stereo mix pair
Overhead stereo pair

Bass recording has seperate mic & DI stem files

Drum, bass and 1st guitar is simultaneously recorded, no click track.

Easy, eh ?

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