Meet the band

Doug Davidson


Played in an early incarnation of Bad Manners and other North London ska/punk bands in the late 1970s. Joined Oxford Roots/Jazz collective Ask Alice in 1990 where he met Nige.

Nigel Ralf


Took up the drums after hearing Keith Moon rehearse with The Who through a hole in his garden fence in Goring.  Loves the sound of maple drum kits.  Been playing in a rhythm section with Doug for over 25 years.

Julian Sharples

Guitar & vocals

Performed  ‘Do The Rat’ with the Boomtown Rats in 1978. Wrote and performed shows at the Edinburgh Fringe and Cambridge Footlights then hung out with 10cc before buying and running Strawberry Studio 2 from them.  Ran Soho studio including work with Suggs. Always knew fame beckoned, but never realised it would take so long.

Ben Pinches

Hammond & sax & vocals

On Peter Waterman’s PWL Records in the mid-1980s after releasing singles independently.  Worked as a professional musician, playing with the likes of Tom Jones, Paul Young and Robert Palmer. Appeared on Top of Pops eight times.

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