Live EP

Chasing Daylight_Live at the O2_Front coverYes, an  EP record – Live at the O2 – is in the shops.

There are two formats: vinyl single in plain sleeve, straight outta Stiff, Rough Trade or 2-Tone (£8) and limited edition colour gatefold with 7” single and CD which includes bonus track (£10). Songs are Oi! (You Can’t Do That!), What? Nothing! and Ouch! We’ll be playing all of them at our O2 show on 29 April (£12).

Bad Chimp. It’s GOOD!

Bad Chimp beer bottle

Everyone knows that good beer is good for you. Likewise any decent band worth its salt has its own band beer. So we’re just joining the bandwagon really in launching our own beer.

Available in no good supermarkets near you, but free if you give us even the slightest indication whatsoever that you like us. We are that insecure, we will actually buy compliments.

Anyway enough of this. Drink the Chimp and get happy!