Never let it be said The Daylightz sat idle on their arses. No. We have been busy. Writing stuff that expands our catalogue. And we have taken the good advice not to throw the baby out with the bathwater, so the favourites will remain. Like a stain on the carpet, classics like Chihuahua aren’t easy to erase.

Patience, Grasshopper. Eventually we will emerge like a butterfly from this hiatus, and then you’d better lock up your small dogs…………………

Live EP

Chasing Daylight_Live at the O2_Front coverYes, an  EP record – Live at the O2 – is in the shops.

There are two formats: vinyl single in plain sleeve, straight outta Stiff, Rough Trade or 2-Tone (£8) and limited edition colour gatefold with 7” single and CD which includes bonus track (£10). Songs are Oi! (You Can’t Do That!), What? Nothing! and Ouch! We’ll be playing all of them at our O2 show on 29 April (£12).

Bad Chimp. It’s GOOD!

Bad Chimp beer bottle

Everyone knows that good beer is good for you. Likewise any decent band worth its salt has its own band beer. So we’re just joining the bandwagon really in launching our own beer.

Available in no good supermarkets near you, but free if you give us even the slightest indication whatsoever that you like us. We are that insecure, we will actually buy compliments.

Anyway enough of this. Drink the Chimp and get happy!

Band releases marmalade

Marmalade_lifestyle shotThis month sees the release of our own brand of marmalade on the Noise Boys label.

It comes in ‘Single’, ‘EP’ and ‘Double concept album’ sizes. Prices are £2, £4 and £6 with all profits going to the band’s favourite local charity ‘The Listening Centre’, which offers low-cost counselling to people in Oxford who need it most and can afford it least.

“We wanted to do something quirky, tasty and peculiarly English, like our music, with a hint of Dr Feelgood, The Kinks, Madness and Ian Dury about it”, said band spokesman Julian Sharples. “I had the idea when I heard Pulp on John Peel and I’m so happy that it’s now bearing fruit.”

Chasing Daylight marmalade_02“If this proves successful we hope to jam in the autumn. Plum, greengage and blackcurrant are particular favourites.”

“Marmalade has been somewhat under-represented in the music industry. The Scottish band ‘Marmalade’ and Labelle’s hit ‘Lady Marmalade’ – “Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, ce soir?”, being the main flag wavers. We hope to change that”, said Julian.

If you want to buy a jar, come to our marmalade launch event at The Wheatsheaf on Friday 18 March.

” You were f***ing sensational”

Chasing DaylightSo said our friend and promoter of last night’s gig as we came off stage at The Bully – Osprey. It certainly was a great night and thanks to Os for organising it.

Now looking forward to supporting Osprey’s great band The Ska Meisters at the Jericho Tavern on 29 January. Should be good one. Although getting the Hammond up the fire escape might be fun.







They’re T-shirts innit


Chasing Daylight is more than a band. Its a way of life. Its a global phenomenon. And now its an online retail giant too with the launch of our range of innit T-shirts. They come in 8 colours and are available in sizes from Small to 3XL, for people nearly as fat as us. Colours available include Banana, Blood and Chocolate, which, coincidentally, is the title of our new album.

Order your innit shirt at the Chasing Daylight online merchandise outlet!

You know it makes sense.

“Many, many thanks. You made my day”

It was a chance meeting with a stranger in a pub on 6 April 2012 that led to Chasing Daylight being formed. Eddie was that man and here is the email I sent him and his reply:

Sent: 14 August 2013 09:28

Hi Eddie

Thought you’d be interested (and amused) by what happened next…after our chance meeting in The Rusty Bicycle…

…and the story behind it…

We never quite know the effect we have on other people…

With best wishes,



Sent: Sunday, 25 August 2013 15:46


I really appreciate you sending me this feedback and update. To be honest I am really impressed with you, your story and your commitment to authenticity.

I know you will life a full and happy life.

Many, many thanks. You made my day.

Kindest Regards,


Nice day at the office dear?

Nice day at the office?On 30 July we decided to turn Julian’s office at The Jam Factory into a studio. We hired Rossco to mic everything up and recorded 7 songs straight to 2-track.

You can hear them – warts and all – here. It was hot. It was fun. We learnt a lot. And the warts were far outweighed by the beauty spots. All-in-all we’re pleased with the outcome and hope you like the tracks. Please give us your feedback here.

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The best soundcheck ever

KV2 - it doesn't get better. Well it does actually. Like if you actually do a gig through it.
KV2 – it doesn’t get better. Well it does actually. Like if you actually do a gig through it.

We decided to play at a party my back garden the night before the Cowley Road carnival. Had a great soundcheck. Took 90 minutes and by the end of it we were ready to rock.

Only problem was that I forgot to OK the open air gig with the neighbours, who quite rightly complained bitterly and we decided to pull the plug. We packed the gear up and played 4 songs with an acoustic guitar and a tambourine instead.

Anyway, it was definitely the best soundcheck we’ve ever done.

The rig was superb – a KV2 system supplied by Rossco PA and Sound Design. Like a loud hifi. Too loud as it transpired.Thanks to Mark Kozuch, for setting up so effortlessly and creating such a great sound. He was very good at packing away too – very quick.