Never let it be said The Daylightz sat idle on their arses. No. We have been busy. Writing stuff that expands our catalogue. And we have taken the good advice not to throw the baby out with the bathwater, so the favourites will remain. Like a stain on the carpet, classics like Chihuahua aren’t easy to erase.

Patience, Grasshopper. Eventually we will emerge like a butterfly from this hiatus, and then you’d better lock up your small dogs…………………

Our Technical Rider

In the haze of rock n roll, many wrongly associate the word ‘Rider’ with crates of champagne, miniature bread and the right colour M&Ms. All fine and dandy, but no. What we have here is our technical rider that describes everything technical we need to do a show. Our latest version – for your delectation – is here.

Great cast, gripping plot so read it now. Don’t wait ’til they make the film.