Nice day at the office dear?

Nice day at the office?On 30 July we decided to turn Julian’s office at The Jam Factory into a studio. We hired Rossco┬áto mic everything up and recorded 7 songs straight to 2-track.

You can hear them – warts and all – here. It was hot. It was fun. We learnt a lot. And the warts were far outweighed by the beauty spots. All-in-all we’re pleased with the outcome and hope you like the tracks. Please give us your feedback here.

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The best soundcheck ever

KV2 - it doesn't get better. Well it does actually. Like if you actually do a gig through it.
KV2 – it doesn’t get better. Well it does actually. Like if you actually do a gig through it.

We decided to play at a party my back garden the night before the Cowley Road carnival. Had a great soundcheck. Took 90 minutes and by the end of it we were ready to rock.

Only problem was that I forgot to OK the open air gig with the neighbours, who quite rightly complained bitterly and we decided to pull the plug. We packed the gear up and played 4 songs with an acoustic guitar and a tambourine instead.

Anyway, it was definitely the best soundcheck we’ve ever done.

The rig was superb – a KV2 system supplied by Rossco PA and Sound Design. Like a loud hifi. Too loud as it transpired.Thanks to Mark Kozuch, for setting up so effortlessly and creating such a great sound. He was very good at packing away too – very quick.

Lush at The Plush

Gig at The Plush Lounge
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Great gig last night at The Plush Lounge, the nightclub at The Jam Factory in Oxford. It was ‘The Stingray’ club night, which is organised every month by local charity My Life My Choice. They loved us. And we loved them. We recorded the gig and you you can just about hear the music above the shouting and screaming here. All the brightly coloured pictures on this site were taken there too. By our friend and fan Owen Price.

Thank you chaps and looking forward to playing at your Halloween party on 22 October!