The Wheatsheaf: Saturday 28 October

Event Details

We’re delighted that Gappy Tooth Industries have invited us to play at their celebrated monthly club night at The Wheatsheaf.

Gappy Tooth was formed in 2002 with the intention of promoting artists and encouraging creativity. Fifteen years later it’s still happening, thanks to the energy, passion and thick-skinned nature of Richard Catterall, whose baby it is. We salute you sir and thanks for having us along.


23.15 Curfew

22.25 – 23.00 Chasing Daylight

21.35 – 22.10 Deathsex Bloodbath

20.45 – 21.20 Mamzer

20.20 Doors

These times may be subject to slight alteration on the night.

Promises to be a good one. See you down the front.


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